Tuesday, November 02, 2004
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Saturday, October 30, 2004
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looks like i can still have thoughts after all.. with as much as i punish my lil mind.. it's surprising that it still functions, I have missed doing the blogging, but not the reading.. still keeps reading all of my fav blogs that are listed here... Now to get back in to the habit of contributing thoughts from time to time...

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am i still alive?... pinches the web to see..

Sunday, November 23, 2003
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What a whew.. Of a last few months...Personal life sometimes is more than a little overwhelming... What I thought would turn into a lil break from blogging almost became the permanent vacation...
But I find myself here once more, After car accidents..Kids moving out...Deciding to move ...Death visiting....Finding "the home"... I never thought I'd own, and all the moving experience..Now In the NEW home.. Trying to find places for things out of a 4000 sq foot home into a 1500 sq Ft home, has also proofed to be a challenge. Life is Good...Finally *S*..
More to follow soon... #

Friday, August 22, 2003
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Guess it's time to appear in here and assure myself and anyone that reads this that I have not passed on to another place....Just trying to get myself back on an even keel. Feeling I have lost my way for a while now. Life has it's ups and downs and lately for sure the up is what is harder to focus on, when your drifting downwards at a fast float.
Don't care much for writing when I feel down, enough other things in the world to depress everyone without reading my turmoil.
Now suffering from an empty-nest syndrome, will give me time to write more, soon as I get myself and things around me back into working order. I still drop into see my favs pages, glad to see some of you haven't given up on me. Thanks...AnGeL #

Saturday, July 05, 2003
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Mercy flight to bring family together A DYING man's wish was granted after he was reunited today with two members of his family he thought he would never see again.

Jason Grey is suffering from the inherited fatal disease cystic fibrosis.
He moved to Brisbane a year ago with his mother and Debbie and his younger brother Mitchell, who also has cystic fibrosis.
Mr Grey has been too sick to visit his brother Christian and nephew Jeremy in Sydney.
But the family was reunited today after not-for-profit organization Angel Flight flew them to Brisbane.
Mr Grey, 24, has been waiting for a triple heart, lung and liver transplant at Brisbane's Prince Charles Hospital.
If the operation goes ahead, it would be an Australian first.
Angel Flight is a group of around 80 experienced pilots who donate their time and the use of their aircraft for the service.
General manager, David Courtney, said Jason's condition had deteriorated rapidly over the last few months.
"He asked the Cystic Fibrosis Association if they could organize something like this for his mother," Mr Courtney said today.
Pilots donated the time and the use of their aircraft to help people such as the Greys, he said.
"It's given meaning to their flying, rather than just getting up and flying around the sky just for fun," Mr Courtney said.
"There is not a lot of time left for Jason unless he has a transplant and there is no donor," he said.

Nice to see a Good Story on the news for a change.... #

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Thought I had seen it all... Out of curiosity I went to check out a site "about face" (IF YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO!) that had linked me after an extreme amount of patience it finally loaded, not seeing why it took so long, I read some of the comments on the first subject: herein asking the owner of this blog to remove their names from the links, after "selecting all" one can see that he has listed everyone he could find links to from TECHNORATI His side bar states this: "Welcome to my experiment. Through my very own blog, I hope to document my very own contradictions. Hypothesis: I am a walking, typing, living contradiction. People point this out to me on occasion, but I've never caught myself in the act. Condition: Each post will reflect my current opinions. I expect that many, if not most, of my posts will contradict. There will be naive attempts to weave contradictions into the same web of understanding, but do not be fooled."
not fooled here BTW... Just thinks you must be really bored...
I suppose we all need something to do, but isn't there more constructive things than this to do with idle minds than try to rack up undeserved scores or links? Have we discovered the original found a closet link whore? #

Tuesday, July 01, 2003
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Looking around, seeing I have not expired after all, counting blessings for all that remain. This has been a most trying last couple of weeks. Perspective of problems are amazing when one looks closely at others. My car has been totaled, and insurance is a pain in the rump to deal with, especially when the 2 ton mail truck that hit you is a "fed vehicle" and of course the driver does not want to except responsibility for the accident..(might loose his job, if admitted he was not paying attention). Without an eye witness... Without hiring an attorney which would probably cost more than it's worth, will let my insurance cover my loss. (well at least part of it)
I have discovered again, that life is not fair, any way you squint to look at it. Replacing the 'book value' of something does not mean it can be replaced, nor the time and energy it takes to attempt to.
You wouldn't think by looking at it that there could be that much damage done... Just the quarter panel back, on the passengers side. But when the adjuster started adding up parts and got to $8000.00 their computer pops up the red flag and says stop now...Not caring that there was still another $3000.00 to go to finish the estimate. Now try finding another '92 dodge stealth, with less than 100k miles, with all the bells and whistles and in prime shape. DOHC Fuel injected...From looking beginning to think it was a one of a kind.
On the bright side, I have found a band aid. Settling for a 99 firebird....33k still under warranty, no blemishes etc... But back to the payment thing. With a few minor adjustments thinks I can learn to deal with it without growling every time I look at it. Which brings me around to .. How do we get so involved with cars anyway?... After all it is a box with wheels that get us from one place to another. (hopefully).....
On to other things, one of the ladies I take care of, caused me to shake my head a lot this past couple of days.. She had a "kitty"....16 or 17 years old, knew it would be hard when it passed away.... She comes out of her room and announces "Ben" is dead. Do you want me to throw him in the garbage?" It is beyond me how a creature that has given you 16 / 17 years of its life should be tossed anywhere.. Where's the respect? THEN I remember, that is why she is in my care. Not able to do "Right Thinking" is a large handicap. Lord, but by the grace there go I........NOT!!!!!!!!
Licking my wounds has been a full time job this past couple weeks, maybe now I can get back to posting what goes on in my little world, as I see it, Remembering to stop and check the pulse of all oncoming Fed Employees driving Mail Trucks headed my way at my green arrow lights, before I proceed thru the intersections.

Thank You for your kind comments and thoughts....

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
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I'm beginning to think 'I THINK IT'S WILLIAM MORRIS OUT TO GET HER!' from Mudville Gazette Greyhawk is right. I have not heard word one from the shop that is holding my "baby" hostage for repairs. Imagines they (the William Morris agency Nazis and the government and the gouging insurance company is in a round the clock meeting now, deciding how best to make my life more interesting.) Thank You all for your kind words and thoughts. Sore has taken on a whole new meaning for me, I am finding sore places I didn't know I had places in. but considering myself quite lucky that no blood n guts kind of damage was done. The last accident I was in was a freeway rear collision, a pickup going 60-65 shoved a small car into my rear bumper. Both of the other cars were totalled. My daughter and her boyfriend were both taken away in an ambulance. I stayed to do the obvious with State police and etc. About an hour later when I finally got to the hospital (in my car, that was when I knew that my Stealth was not just a plastic toy) got to the counter to inquire about my daughter and her boyfriend and the next thing I remember was waking up from doing pushups on the ceiling. They explained I had run out of adrenalin. That was a 6 month recovery from neck injuries. of which I still have reoccurring issues.
This time I barely got out of the car and the ambulance pulled up next to me and asked if I was ok..beings I was upright and walking, I just requested they call the officer assigned to metal murder. Again thankful for not having a plastic car. A couple months ago I had to rent a vehicle while mine was in getting a 'brain transplant' to the tune of $1500.00. I treated myself to renting a Jaq for that month, but barely got to drive it. My business keeps me in lock up for most of 24/7's. I sure was happy to get mine back and return that brand new Jaq, it lost the heart test.
This brings me around to my thought for the day..How do we get so attached to our vehicles, personal properties? I've had a few lessons in life on priorities and what can and cannot be replaced, but yet I admit my car is more important to me than it should be. It was always my dream car, when I finally bought it I was elated. The insurance agent told me "Well, there comes a time in most peoples life that they go through the red corvette stage." Your's just happens to be the shiny black Stealth stage. I've always seem to have cars that made the little boys on the corners drool and slobber. That's how I knew it was the right car.... Guess it's a good thing I have a few rest up days before I draw the sword to do battle over the details. I lost a 19 year old daughter in a car accident, and I know my priorities, life over any possession anytime. My other daughter spent 5 years recovering from being hit by a vehicle. The lesson she taught me at that time was not to hold anger for accidents, but to take any tragedy and look for the lesson in it. Perhaps I should analyze this some more.
It's just a car.... it's just a car.... #

      ( 12:50 AM ) AnGeL  

Well all they say about 2 solid objects not occupying the same space at the same time are true. I learned first hand today the hard way as the "Postal Truck" pushed my stealth around in circles .... I was making a left turn on a green arrow light and the truck coming toward me didn't bother slowing down, he clipped my passenger side from the door back and the tire is no longer in an upright position. Will not know until tomorrow if they will total my car or try to fix it. I keep telling myself "It's just a car." (even though I don't think that) It's my baby. Tomorrow I expect will be a sore day, thinking bed is a good idea for now...... #


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