Friday, August 22, 2003
      ( 11:09 PM ) AnGeL  

Guess it's time to appear in here and assure myself and anyone that reads this that I have not passed on to another place....Just trying to get myself back on an even keel. Feeling I have lost my way for a while now. Life has it's ups and downs and lately for sure the up is what is harder to focus on, when your drifting downwards at a fast float.
Don't care much for writing when I feel down, enough other things in the world to depress everyone without reading my turmoil.
Now suffering from an empty-nest syndrome, will give me time to write more, soon as I get myself and things around me back into working order. I still drop into see my favs pages, glad to see some of you haven't given up on me. Thanks...AnGeL #


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